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Take The 6 Week SEO Challenge!

Good SEO Leads to More Customers

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Attain Higher Ranking for Your Website in Just 6 Weeks

Each week we cover a different aspect of SEO, PLUS we have tasks and tools all ready for your use!

What You'll Learn

Week One:

All About Keywords

  • Why is keyword research important?
  • The secret keyword tool that gives you search information from Amazon & eBay
  • How to build personas for your business (plus a FREE worksheet)
  • Tips for coming up with your keyword 'seed list'
  • How to build a keyword spreadsheet
  • What tool we use to track keyword rankings each week

Week Two:

Web Hosting, Domains, & Redirects

  • What are the three most important parts of web hosting?
  • How to identify errors with your hosting server & website
  • Tools to test your page load speed - an important Google ranking factor!
  • What special item you can purchase from your host that will help you rank higher
  • How to identify broken pages on your website (and how to fix them)
  • Why most hosting backup programs aren't good enough

Week Three:

On Page SEO

  • What FREE tool you can use to test your website SEO quickly
  • How to track the keywords you want to rank for from week to week
  • What two SEO factors carry the most weight with Google, Yahoo! and Bing
  • Why that slider you think is so cool may be hurting your SEO
  • What items DON'T COUNT when the search engines view your website
  • How to fix broken links

Week Four:


  • Why is content an important part of your SEO strategy
  • Websites that you can use to find good content writers
  • Tips on how to compensate content writers (including how to get free content)
  • How often to publish content - and why
  • Tools to keep track of each piece of content

Week Five:

Google Webmasters Tools & Google Analytics Tips

  • Why you have to add more than one version of your website to Webmaster Tools
  • How an SSL Certificate adds another layer of complexity to your website (in a good way)
  • What is 'structured data' and how to add it to your website
  • How to tell if Google has penalized your website
  • A sneaky way to add your new content to the search index quicker
  • Google Analytics SEO tricks you didn't know existed

Week Six:

ECommerce SEO, Q&A, and Cool SEO Tools

  • Why your home page isn't your most important page
  • What ecommerce pages should you optimize first?
  • How to check for duplicate content (and possibly get credit for content from your own manufacturer)
  • What awesome tool we use to get all our page titles and descriptions in one document
  • A quick way to identify broken links & pages on your website
  • How to quickly add a call to action to your blog pages

This course is perfect for marketing managers, Small business owners and CMOs that want to benefit from more organic Google, Yahoo! and Bing traffic.